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Caltec Agriculture can open a gateway for your new ag product:

From field research to registration, Right through sales and marketing.

Are you interested?

What better place to research new technology than the global heartland of agriculture.

Sales and Marketing

Once your new product is approved and ready for use,

CALTEC can introduce your product into the marketplace fast.

Field Research

CALTEC scientists are experienced in all of California's 240 commercial crops, including the 40 that are not produced commercially anywhere else in the United States.

Product Introduction

CALTEC's high profile in California agriculture will help you in many ways. We can recommend the best advertising media for your products or aid you in direct mail campaign to PCA's, growers, or resellers.

Registration Support

We know registration is a hassel, let us guide you through the registration maze.

What we do

We are here to help you

Product Distribution

CALTEC has been marketing beneficial insects for stored grains for five years and has expanded with beneficial insects in strawberries, grain, cotton, grapes, and almonds.

Research & Development

CALTEC R&D conducts research in the areas of environmental impact, ornamentals, turf, soils, and water. Emphasis is on biological insecticides, fungisides, and herbicides developed as a result of genetic modification. New crops and new seeds are also major areas of interest for CALTEC.

PCA Liason

PCAs will not recommend a new product until convinced it is effective and non-phytotoxic. Their credibility, and their license, is at risk each time they recommend a product. CALTEC focuses on PCAs, training them in the proper use of clients’ new products and developing their confidence to recommend client products.

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